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1. Do not attack the infrastructure, this includes using tools which may cause undue strain on server resources e.g. dirbuster.


2. Do not discuss sensitive challenge details or solutions during the CTF.


3. Do not share flag(s) publicly/privately.


4. Do not ask other teams for help/hints. If you are approached by another team for flags/hints, please report it privately to an admin.


5. Getting external help (reddit, stackoverflow, family members, etc.) is not allowed.


6. Maximum team size is 4 and being a member of more than 1 team is not allowed. Additionally, do not attempt to switch teams during the competition to subvert this rule.


7. Do not attempt to social engineer/blackmail the admins.


8. Do not attack anything beyond the scope of the challenges.


9. Use your common sense. In general, the lower you descend the CTF Iceberg the more likely you'd end up in trouble with the admins.


10. Please provide sufficient context when you ask an admin for clarification during the competition. Repeat offences will be considered as a Denial-of-Service attempt on competition infrastructure, as having to prompt you to elaborate leaves us with less time to address other queries.


11. Admins reserve the right to update (patch) the rules at any time.


12. In the event of suspicious activity, admins reserve the right to call participants up for an interview and/or request participants to share their screen at any time during or after the competition.


13. Admins reserve the right to review actions and investigate suspicious activity up to 2 weeks after the competition.


14. Violation of any of the aforementioned rules will result in immediate disqualification.

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