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2021 Training Schedule

0830 - 0900h


0900 - 1200h

Opening address

Training and Hands-on Exercises

Break @ 1030-1050h

1200 - 1300h

Lunch Break

1300 - 1730h

Training and Hands-on Exercises

Break @ 1530-1550h


The minimum specifications required of participants’ laptops for the Training Workshop are as follows:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor

  • Memory: 8GB Ram

  • Storage: Min 80GB HDD

  • Connectivity: Wireless and Wired Internet Connection

  • Operating Systems: Windows

Recommended Software: VMWare Workstation Player/VirtualBox

If you would like to set up your own environment, please ensure that you have a Kali Linux Virtual Machine with the following installed:


a. Software

  • IDA Pro Free

  • 7z

  • A hex editor (e.g. 010editor)

  • A text editor (e.g. notepad++, sublime text)

  • Anaconda

  • Libre Office or Microsoft Office

b. Python Packages

  • pandas

  • numpy

  • seaborn

  • nltk

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